We Are Not Beggars

We are not beggars, we who follow Jesus. We sometimes believe we are, because we just can't fathom complete acceptance.

But, we are not beggars.

We come to the brilliant, beautiful throne of our Creator and we feel the need to grovel, to stay down on calloused knees, to keep our face pressed to the ground. We feel the need to beg him to cast coins at us, just enough to get us by because we are all so desperate, so needy. This gift of life, we aren't quite sure what to do with it because our weakened humanity can't fathom it. So, we beg, we grovel, we plead...because our unworthy state just oozes from us, as we are bowed there, before the King of holy.

But, we are not beggars.

We that carry the cross of Jesus, we have found the answer to our hopeless state. We that carry the cross of Jesus, we are the testament that there is now no condemnation for those that believe.

No condemnation.

Jesus himself ushers us into the presence of God. When God looks at us, he sees his son hanging on a cross, suffering a criminal's death...

And his heart stirs for us each time we come before him.

He weeps over us, because his love, it bled for us, was scorned for us, died for us. His love came at a great price, and when he looks upon us, bowed low before him, he is moved with compassion. See, our God, he remembers Adam. He remembers Eve. He remembers walking in the garden, looking into their eyes...he remembers....

and his heart grieves.

He does not condemn us, he does not look for rightness in us. He only looks for Jesus in us. And when we come before his throne, we can stand, upright. We can dance, sing, shout. We can lift our feeble arms in praise, because we are the redeemed. We have been given permission, because of the perfect blood of Jesus that covers the doorposts of our hearts, to come and go into his presence. He sees that blood, every time we come. Our God sees the sacrifice, and he extends mighty arms to us, the redeemed, and offers us his help, his grace, his mercy. To be redeemed is to be restored, recovered, repossessed. To be redeemed means to be turned from a pauper to a prince. From beggar, to royalty.

Why do we beg for coins when he offers each of us the riches of Heaven?

We are chosen. We are crowned with all the rightness of God. The beat of your heart, my heart...they beat in rhythm with his. Can you hear it? His heart, beating, echoing throughout Heaven....

for you.

We are not beggars that should come groveling to his throne. We are not the lost, the condemned, the forsaken.

We are the redeemed.

Come into his courts with praise, with thanksgiving. Come into his courts with your head held high, and let the complete acceptance of a right and holy God, invade every pore of your soul. Take off your shoes and dance before his throne, take joy in his nearness. Hear his laughter of delight as he looks at you, the one that was lost and then found. Let his voice wash over you, as he sings his song of love rejoicing that you are there, before him, wholly his. You are not the lowliest, the forgotten, the cast off. Your sin does not tarnish your soul, for the blood of Christ washes it all away. The price paid for you to be ushered right into the presence of God was a great price...and it was enough. Let him crown you with royalty. Listen for his voice and hear the words he is constantly whispering into your ear...

You are not a beggar, beloved...

you are my redeemed.

"Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story - those he redeemed from the hand of the enemy." Psalms 107:2


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