What To Do With The Fractured Pieces

In case you need a ray of light today...

God isn't waiting for you to follow the ten steps to a better you, to figure out how to move past your past. He isn't waiting for you to just swallow the pill of numbness so the memory doesn't hurt, so you don't feel the pain. No. God sees every piece of your heart. He sees every moment that wounds, every word that pierces, he sees its all. And my God doesn't forget the sorrow of a wounded soul. 

He is not a God of fraction. 

God works with wholes. He sees the whole. We come, we feebly lift what's left of a fractured heart thinking it's all there is to work with, but he says, 

"Let me have all the pieces, beloved."

He wants to take every piece, even the hardened ones, and bind them back together, to make a whole out of them. Yes, this is the miracle, on a day like today, when you need a little help, a little rest, a little hope. We bring our fractured hearts to this tender God and he pours mercy, like healing oil, into the broken pieces and binds them all together again. He sets you free from the captivity of pain and sorrow. 

He remembers the sorrow you try to forget.

The thought might scare us at times. Shining light on the moments that are painful to remember, it seems to be to much.

Better to discard the fractured pieces, to move on with what's left.

That's not truth, though. That's not how unconditional love works. It is the light that nourishes the soil. It is the light that warms the cold, hardened places. Maybe you are worn and tired, today. Tired of hiding the wounds, of trying to walk with head held high, while tears stream down the face of your soul. Tired of pretending it's always good, that you have it all together. God's grace calls to you, beckons you to come with heart in hand before him. You are not destined to live with a fractured heart. You are destined for wholeness. 


He knows sorrow. He understands the bitter taste of grief. He drank the cup of our fractured hearts and he proved that all can be made whole when he rose from the darkness of death. He proved that fractured pieces can be mended back together.

All can be made whole.

He cleanses you of all the reasons you can't come before God. He washes the dirt from that fractured heart of yours, then presents it to the Father, the one who, with one breath, one word, one touch...

sets a captive free. 

Come before him. Bring every last piece of your fractured soul and watch what he will do. Doesn't matter how long those pieces have been there, lying around. He waits, ready to take them all in hand,

and make them whole again. 


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