Thanks In The Planting

It's easy to get tired of where we are at in life. Mom's get tired of "this stage," employs get tired of "this position," we all get "tired" of the noise around us. Sometimes, what looks most appealing is to just go get in the bed and hide under the covers because everything is the same and we don't see any change coming...

There is this thing, though, about blooming where we are planted. Yea, we've all heard that phrase before. It can even draw a grunt and rolled eyes from us when we hear that. Maybe the reason we struggle sometimes to bloom where we are planted is because we question being planted where we are. "God wouldn't plant me here," we say. "God wouldn't expect me to bloom in these circumstances," we whisper. 

Maybe that's where we are wrong.  

This week, gratitude is on everyone's mind. I can't get away from the thought either. I also can't get away from Jesus and some examples he gave me of just what gratitude looks like. There is that moment when he is celebrating Passover with his disciples. He decides to demonstrate through bread and juice what is about to happen in his life. He knows what is about to happen, and what does he do first, before he breaks bread? 

He gives thanks.

I stop there, and let that sink in my soul. He is about to be planted in an all out war, a battle for every soul, and he knows how he will fight. He knows this battle will mean laying down the sword, going quietly, suffering immensely. Yet, he give thanks. He believes so much in his heavenly father that he is just that trusting. He trusts enough to whisper, "thank you" before the most torturous moment of his life. 

I have a lot to learn.

I have no trouble giving thanks when I "feel" thanks. You know, when it goes my way, when I see some visible proof of the good things. It's when I don't see it working out, or don't understand, or don't have what I think I need or question whether I've really been planted where I am by God...that's when I sometimes seal my lips up and look away. The thing is, the thing I learn from Jesus, is that thanksgiving isn't an emotion it is a state of the heart. 

If the son of God, the one with all the power to change his circumstances, to change the "planting" of his situation, if he chose to walk out the path in front of him with thanksgiving, then I can too...

and so can you. 

I know, life is hard. Sometimes we just get tired of where we are planted, tired of it all, and thankfulness seems far from us. 

It doesn't have to be, though.

We can choose in a moment, in a blink, to change the state of our  hearts. We can choose in moment to look at our life through God's eyes. To believe that he has planted us where we are and he only does good things. Even when it hurts, when it's hard, when we are worn down...he only gives good things. Sometimes the things aren't what we expect, don't look like our definition of good, but the truth never changes. 

He is good and his love endures forever.

We can always bloom where we are planted, and it always starts with thanksgiving. When a heart can come before Heaven, bowed low in thanks, no matter the circumstance, that's when we see the blooming, the fruit, the reasons we are planted where we are. Lets give thanks for this place we are planted, no matter where it may be...

and lets choose to bloom. 

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name" Psalms 100:4


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