Maybe You Are Enough...

 Some of you are approaching this New Year with a sense of foreboding. You see all that is before you and it seems to be too much. You've predicted failure before you've even started. I've heard the same thing lately from many friends.

"I feel like I'm not doing enough."

"I'm afraid I'll fail."

"I just don't feel like I'm worthy."

It's amazing how we all have the exact same struggle and yet we are each convinced that no one else struggles like us. We are each convinced that we are alone in the struggle, that everyone else has figured it out and we are alone.

Well, that's just not true.

My daughter came running to me the other day, wanting me to watch her new trick on the swing set.

"Watch me, Mommy!" 

She was so excited to show me her little flip. I was standing there, doing what any mom does when her kids come seeking her approval. I applauded enthusiastically and gave her the words of praise she was seeking. As I walked back into the house, I caught wind of that little whisper in my soul...

Isn't that how you are?

I stopped, wondering what He meant, and then the truth flooded into my soul. I am just like my little girl. I come running to my Papa in Heaven, seeking him out so he can give me his approval.

"Watch me, Daddy!" 

When all my rationale and logic are stripped away and I'm left with just my little heart in hand, untarnished by the darkness, I see clearly that all I really want is to be loved just for who I am. I see that my heart is no different than that of a little girl.

My humanity gets in the way of this purest form of love. My humanity tells me to measure up, to do more, to earn approval....and all the while, God is standing there saying the very thing I desperately long to hear...

"You are enough." 

In all our toil, our efforts to be better, Jesus is standing before us, scarred palms outstretched, whispering words that heal...

"I delight in you."

Don't be afraid, friend, to come running to the throne of God. Don't be afraid of seeking out his attention, his approval...don't be afraid to call on him. He is already watching over you, already seeing your struggle. Jesus is looking at you and with more love than you could ever fathom, he is calling you his own, just as you are, no strings attached. There are no badges to be earned, no evaluation or grade to be given before you can be accepted. You have a Papa in Heaven and he is dancing and singing over you.

What if this year was the year you let go of the lie that you aren't enough and started listening to that gentle whisper yearning for you? 

Indeed. Healing, health, all comes from running through the doors of Heaven and letting a good, loving Papa scoop you up and whisper love into your heart. As you rest in his embrace, truth will permeate every broken, dark piece of your heart. You were designed to be loved perfectly and the glorious truth is this:

You are loved perfectly. 

I know the struggle. I faced it for many years. I hid from God, got angry at what I thought was his demand for me to do better...but then I found grace. I found grace!  I thought I had to earn such perfect love, that there was no way this was a free gift. I was wrong! It is a gift, a free gift. This love is unstoppable, even when I ran from it, it sought me out, went to war for me. That's what you get when you run into the arms of grace.

Unstoppable love. 

You've been accepted, friend, just as you are. Instead of looking ahead with dread at what you think will be your failure, seek grace, live in grace, rest in grace. You measure up because Jesus measures up. It really is that simple. Your toil can end. You have everything you need to be a mom, a dad, a co worker, a boss...

a child of a king. 

Jesus will fill every empty space, every weakness, every place of lacking..and he will do it because he chooses to love you...




Here's to a year filled with dancing grace and tender mercy singing over each of us. Let's allow ourselves to have a Happy New Year, friend.

Happy indeed. 

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Our God is a God who saves..." Psalms 68:19-20


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