Climb On Your Chair And Reach For Your Bowl...

I watch my little spitfire so determined to do it herself that she drags a chair over to the kitchen counter...just to get her own bowl from the cabinet.

"I can do it, Mommy!"

I let her, of course. Anyone willing to go through all that hard work just to retrieve a bowl deserves the chance to try. She stretches on tiny toes and uses tiny fingers to just barely reach the beloved bowl she so desperately wants. I hover close by because I know she is unaware of the potential danger that awaits her if her tiny toes should give out or her precarious balance should falter. So, I'm there...just in case. A thought hits me as I watch her there, on that chair, giving it her best to reach the thing she is determined to reach.

Aren't we all little spitfire's reaching with tiny fingers for that bowl in the cabinet? 

You would have thought my little spitfire had won gold in the Olympics. She was so proud of her bowl retrieval.

"I did it, Mommy!" 

What happens is we grow up. Blast it all, we grow up! We are the purest versions of ourselves when we are children but doubt comes calling when we begin "maturing." Blind faith is replaced with calculated questions and logical explanations. No longer will we simply drag the chair over and climb on it to reach for the thing we want. We question the stability of the chair, we see the danger of standing on our toes to reach up. We doubt we can really reach the thing we want. So we don't try.


I had a "chair moment" on Saturday. God called me out, told me to go share my story with some broken souls who I have a lot in common with. So, I dragged a chair over, and I climbed up on it, and I reached for the thing. I reached up for it, and yes, I grabbed it with my little fingers and then I showed all those broken souls what I had grabbed a hold of with my tiny fingers.

"Look what I have!" 

There is a spitfire in all of us, and doubt is the raging water that wants to drown us. Blind faith is there, in the beginning, but doubt takes the lens of faith off of our eyes and wipes it "clean" and then we see through our logic and calculations. Remember I said that I hovered close by my little spitfire in case she did start to fall?

Well, doesn't God do the same thing?

The spitfire inside of each of us wants to reach for something we aren't tall enough to reach. The spitfire inside of each of us wants to grab the thing and God is there, giving us the go ahead. He hovers close enough to catch us when we start to wobble, or to give us a boost if the thing really is just out of our reach. He isn't going to put the "bowl" on the counter so we don't have to reach for it. He is going to help us get to where the bowl is.

What is your bowl?

What is the thing you need to reach for? I climbed off of that chair on Saturday, and I turned around and looked at my God who had been hovering close, and I said the exact thing to him that my little spitfire said to me.

"I did it!" 

He gave me the nod and smile that he always does and I walked away ON FIRE for what He is calling me to do. I know why, too.

I  finally believe.

The little girl in me woke up when I climbed off of that chair on Saturday, and looked at what I had done with my God hovering close by. Doubt was nowhere to be found and I had in my hands the very thing that God wanted me to reach for. I had stretched on tiny toes, and reached up with tiny fingers and grabbed my bowl. I walked away on fire because I caught last, I caught it.

"Maybe I can do what you are asking me to do, Jesus," I said with a bit of wonder in my voice.

"Sure you can," he said with a gentle squeeze of my shoulders.

What do you need to reach for, friend? What is that bowl in the cabinet that you need to drag a chair over and reach for? I realized on Saturday, that what I was really reaching for was the bowl labeled "believe." I was questioning before that, if I really could, or really should...but God showed me that I can indeed, and I should indeed. What is it you need to reach for...forgiveness, mercy, faith, a dream you've been ignoring? I can promise you this:

God will hover close by and watch over you as you reach for it. 

There is a spitfire inside of you and you can. Whatever you need to reach for, you can. I know it because I know God hovers close, just like a mom watching over her little spitfire trying to reach that bowl that is almost out of reach.  He hovers close, and he will steady you when you begin to wobble, and he will give you a boost when you can't quite reach it. Just do it, friend...

Be a spitfire...

and reach for your bowl. 


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