It's More Than A Holiday

cross on pew pic

 Jesus didn't come to reinforce the walls of the temple. He came to tear down, to make it all more simple.

We practice and pray, we seek absolution, and the thing is, Jesus, he came to save us from our prostitution.

Covered in blood, in sweat and tears, he hangs on my cross and nobody even realizes what Heaven has lost.

 But Jesus, he did it, the thing I could not. He made himself sin, it was my battle he fought.

He hung there, on wood, in agony and pain. He suffered and bled out every mistake I ever made.

God poured out his justly earned wrath, but he did it to the only one who ever walked the right path.

Dripping the blood of darkness and shame, he bore on himself all that was my blame.

Mediocre isn't okay, isn't the road I can walk. Jesus, he did more than just talk the talk.

He gave me his all, he laid himself low. He changed all of eternity when he took that final blow.

The whole story seems backwards from start to finish, but it proves the truth that sin doesn't diminish.

Death is the price for sin and shame and Jesus, he knew that was exactly why he came.

Sorrow, shame, the stain of my blame, it weighed on his body, he physically bore my pain.

He died, he laid there in a dark hole for three days, and Heaven waited for my debt to finally be paid.

Then it happened, he walked out of the cave, and when he did my soul got up from the grave.

Don't you see? Don't you get it? Your soul has a choice now, a freedom from limit.

He made it simple, he became attainable. You don't have to fear that he is not reliable, or available.

Love is only real when it extends from his hands. If you want a label, a badge, then make him your brand.

Your heart is stained, you need restitution. Don't believe the lie that you are enough, that's jut an allusion.

Jesus saves is not a cliche, not just a phrase on a sticker. He gave it all up, tasted your death that was so bitter.

Grace is free, but a high price was paid. There's no time to waste, the truth is not going to fade.

It's more than a moment, a holiday we celebrate. This is about who exactly it is that you elevate.

You and me, we need what he offers so freely. He walked it, lived it, talked it, loved us deeply.

Give it up, you're not enough. His mercy makes new. Stop trying so hard and lay down your stuff.

 Give him your past, your present your sorrow. Then, from him, grace and mercy you will get for a brighter tomorrow.

Hope lived, then died, then was resurrected. You don't have to be ashamed, you will be accepted.

There is no other way, no exception. Love has a name, a cross as our intersection.

I was, you were, but He is and will be, the first, the last,

the forever we need.



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