Come To The Table

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I come to this table, and words are hard to find.
How do I even speak of the one who gave me sight when I didn’t know I was blind?

My heart laid shattered for many, many years.
I came to this table but always cloaked in all my fears.

I thought I was the exception, the one he forgot.
I didn't believe that it was my soul he sought.

I didn't think this table had room for me.
I was absolutely sure it was me he didn't see.

I had suffered rejection, betrayal and abuse
and my soul was left a wasteland, wounded and bruised.

So, I put on religion and practiced the rituals.
Coming to this table just became habitual.

I said the right things, made sure I looked the part
because I thought all that would heal my wounded heart.

I ran from redemption because it required authenticity
and I was convinced that he was just like them, just a God of hypocrisy.

But over time it all started to crumble.
My well-built defense was only causing me to stumble.

I needed peace, joy, and mostly I needed rest.
I was so tired of feeling like my entire life was a test.

See, I had come to this table many times before,
but I thought the demand was that I just stand by the door.

Then, one day, something happened; I heard a soft voice.
It spoke with love and compassion, a whisper above all the noise.

My sorrowful soul looked up from its crouched position
and there before me was the face of redemption.

He knelt down before me, and spoke my name.
He looked me in the eye and told me I was the reason he came.

With his nail pierced hands he took hold of my soul’s face
and then he began to talk to me all about grace.

Grace captured me, snatched me up, saved me from despair.
Grace changed my life and I've come to the table today to share.

If you wonder, is there room for me at this table today,
I am here to tell you there is because grace made a way.

Grace is the intersection between forgiveness and blame.
I stand here as proof to you that he burns away all the shame.

You have nothing to fear, nothing can keep him from you.
There is room at this table, it isn't based on what you do.

His body was beaten and bruised and then he did died,
and his wounds give our souls freedom to come into the light. 

And, oh, the blood that poured out from his side.
His blood gives us access, His blood makes us his bride. 

So, now church, rejoice and praise his holy name!
We are free from our past, free from all the shame!

We are bought with a price, ransomed and redeemed
because Jesus wears the scars of death’s painful sting.

Our God is accessible, attainable and reliable!
He is for us, with us, among us and in us.

We can shed all those grave clothes, shake off those chains,
because Jesus has come and he gives us a new name.

Holy, Righteous, pure, redeemed.
These are the names of all those who choose to stand with the king.

So, praise him for his goodness, praise him for his faithfulness,
praise him for his acts of love, praise him for his greatness!

He is first, he is last, and he is all we need.

Our debt is paid, our pain is healed.
Our forever is stamped
and his blood is the seal.


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