Monday Mishap

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Well, it is Monday...and the first time in four years of blogging that I wrote a post...and it got deleted. And when I say deleted, I mean that there is no record of it. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. It is not even traceable by the space station up there floating above the Earth. Hey, I should be famous for being the first person to ever have something deleted on the internet and it ACTUALLY LEAVE THE INTERNET. My husband (sweet man that he is) said words of deep wisdom to me when he came strolling in the living room to my panicked...ness. "Maybe you needed to write that one for yourself." Bless his heart.

I'll decide he is correct later in life.

Anyway, it was a good post. You would have liked it. Instead, I am chuckling a bit (after a little foot stomping) and wondering what other things I could say to you after such a crazy week full of, well, good moments, bad moments, historical moments and maybe, hopefully, a few God moments. So, here goes..

1. Jesus is still in charge.

Yep, that hasn't changed. No need to panic, no matter what you did, heard, saw, said...Jesus still sits on the throne of Heaven and he still saves. So, rest, friend...he's got this.

2. We need a little more action and a lot less talk

Talk is cheap. I think we could be shifting in this country to a season where we will have to actually practice what we preach...and maybe change what we preach? I saw all kinds of reactions on Facebook this weekend to all kinds of things going on in this country. Some of you responded to hurt and brokenness with compassion and grace. YOU GO! I applauded you, stood with you, loved your voice in a time where grace is just what we need. I saw some, though, who responded to the hurt and brokenness of this country with judgment and religion.

As if spouting out the law will change someone's heart.

Maybe we could think about how to start being Jesus instead of talking about Jesus. Maybe we could ask Jesus to heal our own wounds, bring life to our own dry bones, and then we can go out there in the streets and FIND THE PEOPLE. That's what Jesus did. He talked and acted at the same time. And it worked. So, maybe we could rise up as the church of Jesus and not just tell people about him but be him.

I'm in, are you?

3. Listen to the laughter of a child.

When you feel all gloom and doom, just take a moment to listen to a child laugh. They laugh without restraint, they literally feel laughter...and it is glorious. When darkness starts closing in on me, when I feel like it isn't going to work out, that light isn't going to win in the end, I can go sit with my kids for just five minutes...and joy is restored. They aren't concerned with things that they can't control. They aren't busy trying to analyze everyone else and figure out what to say to make them change their minds. They are just living in the moment...and laughing. You know what really will change your day, your life, your perspective?

Laugh with them.

4. Be friends with people.

Guys. This is so simple, but it IS the way to change the world. Be a genuine friend to someone, and if you want to really blow minds, be a genuine friend to someone you don't agree with.

Jesus will be all up in that.

So, there you have it. This isn't a deep, though provoking post (I promise the one THE INTERNET STOLE FROM ME was very deep) but maybe, it will help lighten your load on this Monday? Jesus is with us, friends. He is near, closer than we realize. Lean in and listen. You'll find he is unchanged.

His fire still burns bright...

He is still grace, still love, still redemption...

He still wins...


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