Cheap Grace

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I read a line in a book last night, and I woke up thinking about it...

"Don't ever let anyone make you feel like God's grace is to cheap to cover your sins." 

That's good stuff, and if we're being honest on this hot, summer Monday...we all face this at some point. Satan is no fool when it comes to his trickery. He knows just what to say, just what will make us shrink in fear.

But we don't have too. 

The thing is, grace was purchased, it did come at a price. That price came in the form of a roughened piece of tree with the mangled body of a perfect man hanging on it by three nails.

The price for grace was the life of a King. 

So, it isn't too hard for the enemy to come in with his lies as soon as we mess up. He comes in and reminds us of the price Jesus paid, and he reminds us of just how unworthy we are.

"Wow, Jesus paid a high price for your freedom, and you treat it like that?" He yells.

"You don't deserve it." He screams louder.

Then, once those lies have settled in and the shame is heavy on us, he comes in with the biggest one...

"God's grace isn't good enough for you."

We hear that lie through the filter of shame, and we believe it...sometimes we really believe it. People can be the face of those lies, too. Our imperfection can indeed cause us to treat each other harshly, to make other's feel they are less worthy, or that they don't qualify for grace. The enemy will use any mouth he can to spread these lies.

The cost of grace should  be ever before us. Never should we treat it as less than perfect. Grace is the holiest intersection of a Papa in Heaven with his kids.

Grace cost our Papa a hefty price.

If we can just come to the place that we really believe we are his kids, then we get it. We get that a good Papa gives freely of unconditional love, of mercy....of grace. Don't be deceived by the father's of this world who might have given you a wrong impression of Him, the true father. Don't let other's who are bleeding all over the place with their own wounds make you feel second, make you think the price of grace was not enough for you.

Remember, that those who inflict the most pain are the one's with the deepest wounds.

No, grace is not cheap. Paul called himself the sinner of all sinners, yet once he got the fire of grace down in his soul, he became the author of most of the New Testament.

I'll say it again...grace is not cheap.

The price paid for grace was enough, plain and simple. No one you encounter can explain the depths of God's love and kindness. No man can fathom how endless his mercy is, how forgiving he is.

No imperfect man can explain a perfect God.

Let go of your shame, friend. You will discover, when you give grace permission to come in, that it is more than enough, that it covers every stain...

that it makes you free.

Jesus waits, arms open, grace marking his hands and feet...

for you to come and rest in him.


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