It's a Harder Road to Walk, But Worth It...

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Walking in grace is hard. It's hard because it is the place where I am weak. It's the place where my heart is vulnerable,

the place where I can get hurt.

But, I've been on the other side, too. I've been on the side of rules, rituals, regulations, and no relationship. Sure, all that provides a nice barrier between a heart and the world, but it isn't worth the price. The truth is, when I lay my heart out there, take the risk, I am guaranteed that it will get hurt, and I can count on hurting others, too.

Truth is, life is much messier when grace is the theme.

I like tidiness, order, I like to know what is what. I've wrestled that very thing over and over with Jesus...and I've seen clearly that the only way to be free is to step into the mess.

Right in the middle of it.

Believe me, I sometimes want to run. Satan is no fool, he knows just what to say to make the past look appealing, to make me want to forget the now and go back there where everything was tidy, comfortable. The thing is, I love Jesus too much to do that. He is so important to me, the only real thing in going back is not an option. My faith is more real today than it ever has been before.

Jesus is more real to me than he ever has been before.

I'm nowhere near perfect. I've nowhere near arrived...but I know Jesus is for me. I know he loves me, that he makes me worthy, despite my imperfection. I know that he sees me.

And so, grace is my only option.

I won't tell you if you choose grace life will be cozy. It won't. If you choose grace, you will be walking right into the heat of the battle, where arrows fly and swords cut. You will be injured. You will feel...all of it, but that is where Jesus is.

In the heat of the battle.

And don't do it, friend. Don't believe the lie that you aren't good enough, aren't worthy of grace. That is the very definition of grace,

undeserved...everything, given freely.

All the love, righteousness and holiness of Jesus is bestowed upon you because he chooses you. Nothing more, nothing less. Is grace easy to walk in? No. Is grace perfect?


Grace is perfect, despite me. Grace is strong, where I am constantly weak. Grace fills every hole, every need, every space of my soul. Grace is my heartbeat, the blood flowing in my veins....

And I know I have only seen a glimpse of it.

So, I choose grace...and I journey to places I would never choose on my own. But, I can do it, because I know Jesus will be with me,

I know he will never let me go... 


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