Truth Revealed On The Playground

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I'm sitting there watching my girl, along with a bunch of other kids, play. They are all running, climbing, twirling, having a great time...and then I hear the whisper inside...

"Do you want to be like that?"

I know instantly what that question means. It isn't just the question of do I want to run and's the question of do I want to laugh and twirl and smile while running and climbing.

Do I want to enjoy the run, the climb?

Kids are such glorious examples of how we as adults should be. Really, if we could just never grow up, never encounter logic and reason and doubt and fear...if we could just stay little...

I find myself constantly thinking it's all going to get more complicated. When I see the mountain before me, or the road to run, my first thought is not to just go at it with shouts of laughter. My first thought is to calculate how long it will take, what I need to take with me on the journey, and if I will be alone.

My girl was playing, having fun running and climbing, and when she needed something, she ran to where I was sitting. She didn't worry, she didn't wonder if I was there. She knew that when she needed a drink, a rest, a little help...she knew right where I was.

And I always knew right where she was. 

As I sat there, I kept my eyes on her. There were kids all over, but I kept my eyes on her. I knew where she was, who she was playing with, I always knew just where she was.

Isn't Jesus like that? 

I ask, as I sit watching her play and listening to that little whisper trying to sand edges off my soul. Is Jesus like the mom on the playground keeping here eyes on her kiddo's, no matter the crowd? It's a resounding answer I hear deep inside that echos off the walls of my soul.


Jesus has his eyes on me, no matter where I'm running, climbing, walking. He watches for me, smiles when I laugh, comes running when I fall and scrape my knee.

Jesus always has his eyes on me.

So, I can run and climb with joy. I can journey with peace, because I'm not alone. I can twirl and giggle and invite other's to run and climb with me, because Jesus is close by, ready to provide for all of my needs.

Why is it so hard to believe that God would love us as much as we love our kids? 

Adult logic slithers in, tells us that as adults, we have to earn his love, that He can't just love us because He's a good Papa. We convince ourselves that He has sent us to the playground alone, that the running and climbing is meant to be hard, to teach us a lesson, to toughen us up...

but that's not true. 

We are His kids, and He never sends us out alone, just as we would never send our own little one's out alone. He takes our hand, walks with us, catches us as we come down the slide, twirls and laughs with us.

He stays with us, always. 

Yes, I see that I can run and climb with laughter, joy...and peace. I can, because I know that when I need rest, a drink, a little help...

He is right there, close by...

with His eyes on me. 


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