Do Hard Things

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So, yesterday was a learning day for my munchkin. Her homework was hard, and it took longer than she wanted.

Tears came, things were momentarily intense....

Mom had to step in, give some words of...encouragement? Yes, they were, but probably didn't feel like it at the moment...

"Hard doesn't feel fun, sweet pea, but hard is how we grow." 

Can't you hear Jesus saying that to you?

"I know it's hard, beloved, but you're growing and hard is necessary..." 

My munchkin was warring between her desire to run and play, and the need to sit there and do the hard work. We talked about character, and how it grows, and how it is more important than anything else in life.

Aren't we the same as children?

Truth is, I resist the hard stuff too. I can say with complete certainty, though, that I am who I am because of the hard things.

The hard things.

Why are we so quick sometimes to get angry at God when the tough stuff comes? The impulse reaction is to say, "God, why would you allow this? You must not be good." But...wait...I am guiding my children down the harder path. I am training them to choose character over convenience.

Character over convenience.

I'm doing that because I love them. So...why wouldn't my Father in Heaven do the same for me? Am I saying that God creates trials for us to go through? No. He doesn't have to create them, they are part of this fallen world.  Am I saying that he does allow us to face the trials? Well, yes. He promises we WILL NOT face more than we can handle and he promises we WILL NOT face any of it alone. Those are the two guarantees we can stand on.

Jesus will be with us in every single hard thing.

I sat down beside my little munchkin, I took her hand, and I talked to her about the hard thing she was facing. I was with her in it. I guided, gave her encouragement, and I walked her through the emotions. The hard things are meant to build us up, make us beautiful. I believe, when we get to know Jesus, we discover a desire to do the hard things because we know the hard things bring us closer to him.

And being close to him is really all that matters. 

Society isn't telling us to do hard things. The world will always say do what feels right, what is quickest and easiest. It is not in our human nature to do the harder thing. Hard things required discipline, sacrifice...a true sense of right and wrong.

What hard thing is Jesus asking you to do?

Just like me sitting beside my munchkin at the table, holding her hand and speaking gently to her, Jesus will do that for you. He won't call you to the hard thing and leave you alone. He will hold your hand, he will hold you!

Maybe the hard thing for you is forgiving someone. I get that. It's hard. Maybe the hard thing for you is sticking with a job you don't love, because you need to grow into the job you will love. Yea, that sounds hard. Or, maybe the hard thing for you is being honest with your spouse...totally and completely honest.

You can believe that Jesus lives with you in the hard things. 

Yes, we do hard things in our house. We choose the less traveled path, because that is where growth happens. Do we get it right always? No. Is Jesus with us always? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Jesus did the hard things, chose the less traveled path...and we can too...

we can too. 


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