How To Be An Open Door

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I want to be the person who is a friend to everyone. It sounds so simple, but that is exactly what Jesus was. He was a friend, a brother...

He was one of the guys.

There is power in relationship. The devil is stupid, but also clever...or maybe we are just easily deceived? Yes, that is probably it. He convinces us that we individually hold all the truth in our hands and it is now our responsibility to TELL THEM ALL.

I would rather invite them.

"Telling" someone what is up doesn't require relationship. I can point my finger, list your errors, give you an outline...and I can not even know you. Facebook makes this very easy. VERY EASY. Fear mongering, judgement...all things easily spewed on social media that require absolutely no relationship. And do we convince ourselves it doesn't hurt if we say it on Facebook? Yes, I believe we do tend to think that if we say it on a computer screen, it isn't as bad. Oh, friends. What a grief this must be to the Holy Spirit.

I'm not perfect. Believe you me, there are times I see things online and my little self on my shoulder talking to me says, "YOU SHOULD SAY SOMETHING. THEY'VE GOT IT WRONG." So, I get the struggle. We do have the most precious truth encapsulated in our hearts.


Still, there is a way to go about sharing this truth that woos souls, draws them, encourages...loves. You know, there is only one group of people I see who rejected Jesus...

Religious people.

I don't see, though, where Jesus made time to argue theology with them, or prove his point to them. He didn't because he was after one thing: relationship. He came seeking hearts. He came seeking lost hearts, which happens to be, um, everyone. Even the religious people could have dropped their guard and come running. They were just as invited as everyone else...

they were just blind to their need for him.

If I am doing this friend thing right, other's are looking at my life and yearning for what I have. If I am doing this friend thing right, I am looking people in the eye and asking, "What's your story?" If I'm doing this friend thing right, I'm listening, and I'm giving them a safe place to seek out truth, even as they wander and get some stuff wrong. Am I going to change their heart by telling them when they are wrong?


The Holy Spirit will change their hearts. The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them, not me. I am only a doorway to truth. I want to be a doorway, wide open, never closed. That doorway leads to Jesus because that is who I am. When I start trying to tell people what to do, condemn them, make them afraid....the door slams shut in the face of those seeking. I want to be a doorway, always open, always.

People will walk through open doors, they will walk away from closed ones.

Are we closing doors with our words, deeds, Facebook status? Are we open doorways, inviting people into relationship....or are we slamming doors in people's faces? Oh, church. Jesus has SO MUCH GOOD for us. He has so much he wants to pour into us, so many beautiful things he can do through us....

but he needs open doorways.

He needs us to be friends with people. It is that simple. He needs us to invite people into our lives so they can see what it means to follow him. He needs us to invite them to fall with us, overcome with us, to do life with us. I will not say I have it all mapped out. My heart yearns for the broken outside our walls. Truly, I know that is where God is drawing me...but I don't know how it all works. I just know that I can start by being an open doorway...a friend.

Will you be a friend to someone, today?  Will you be an open doorway? 

"I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me, and I in you, you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5


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