The Wounded Bride

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My heart has been so centered on the church lately. It feels odd to me, if I'm being honest. I find myself, most often, praying for the lost. I don't know that I've ever truly felt a burden for the church...until lately. Maybe I'm making the connection more and more that I was broken, afraid, alone,

and I was in the church.

I invited Jesus to journey through life with me when I was a little girl. I honestly cannot remember a time when I didn't know Jesus. Oh, it was a confusing mess for all of my childhood. I did not see truth lived out, only double standards...but something in me refused to turn away from God. I didn't understand, I was angry...angry at God even, but still...I had this sense that He really was all there was. So, I carried on with the practice of church and religion, thinking that maybe it would all work out.

Church, we tend to be the walking wounded rather than the walking healed.

Truth is, there isn't a soul on Earth that hasn't suffered wounds. Not. A. Single. Soul. The playing field is leveled by Jesus. ALL need him. ALL need healing.


The thing we forget to grab hold of when we let Jesus find us is that He does heal. Friends, do you hear me?! Jesus heals the wounded heart! I am a testimony of that. I am proof that when we become his bride he absolutely makes us white and pure and spotless...that he heals. Oh, he heals. He takes ashes and makes gold from them. He takes sorrow and turns it all to joy. He makes all things new. I wonder, though, if one reason so many lost souls are running from the church is because they don't see anything new. They see the same wounds, the same hurt, the same everything...and they don't see hope of healing.

Why join up with a group that walks around wounded, bleeding?

Jesus cried so much when he was hear on this planet. I see that now, when I look at his ministry. I notice the time he went off alone to pray, the times he openly wept. Why did he cry often, mourn so much? His burden was great, no doubt, and I wonder if perhaps some of that burden was for his own; his own that were so dismembered, so broken, so wounded.

I wonder how many of his tears were for his bride...

He sacrificed so much for much. He so much wants his bride to come into his embrace dancing, laughing, singing. He so much wants his bride to be healed.

It is grace that lets us come broken and wounded. It is grace that woos us in our pain to a safe place. I have discovered, though, that grace is much more powerful than just the acceptance of me in my failure and sorrow. I've discovered that grace is an invitation to healing.

Grace is an invitation to healing.

See, I don't want to just go out and invite the lost to come be wounded with me. I want to tell them of the healing grace of Jesus. I want the healing grace of Jesus to radiate through my story. I want the fatherless to look at me and see me dancing with a good, loving Papa, to see that Jesus healed that wound in me. I want the woman bound by shame to look at my story, and see that Jesus didn't just break that chain, but shattered it into a million little pieces that lay at my feet.

Healed, Church. Jesus wants us to be healed.

So, I've been praying that over us. That as we come into his presence daily, that each of us would encounter him in such a way that the pain in us just comes pouring out at his feet....and that we will stand back in awe as we watch him take that pain and make it absolutely beautiful. I wasn't looking to write, or speak, or share any part of my life five years ago. I most definitely wasn't looking to talk about my darkest, deepest wounds.

That's the thing, though.

When Jesus makes a miracle out of your mess, it gives you something to talk about. I can't not talk about it, now. I can't not hear him whispering to my soul. I can't not take any and every opportunity he gives me to say "LOOK! LOOK WHAT HE CAN DO!"

That's just what happens when Jesus heals a wounded heart.

There is nothing, friend, that he cannot heal. You do not have to be the wounded, bleeding bride of Jesus. He wants to heal his bride. Oh, the lost will come. They will come when they see that perfect love heals the deepest wounds. They will come when they see that no pain is too great for this God of ours to heal. We can reach this world, Church. We can do it when we first let Jesus heal our own heart.

His wounds don't just take away our sin....

they take away our sorrow...

Lets be the healed, set free, Bride of Jesus.



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