Taking The Risk

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Jesus will always ask us to take a risk. It isn't because he likes to watch us sweat, or be scared, or any of that. There really is only one reason that Jesus asks us to take risks.

Risk requires faith.

As long as we are comfy with our life, we don't really have to reach out in faith. It isn't that it's bad to be comfy. Sometimes, we need comfy after a season of discomfort. I believe Jesus is in the comfy as much as the not so comfy.

Can I say comfy some more?

Anyway, the point is this: when Jesus asks us to take a risk, to step outside the comfy it is always because he has plans to expand our faith. Faith is the substance of it all, friend. The foundation of everything we believe about Jesus is based on faith. I have faith that he lived, faith that he died, and faith that he rose from the dead. I didn't see any of that happen. I simply choose to believe it in my soul.

I have faith that Jesus is it.

So, why, then, do we cower in fear when he asks us to take a risk? Why do we shy away from things that we aren't too sure about? Truly, we have the faith to believe that Jesus is saving our souls for all of eternity...but we struggle to take that tiny step into an unknown situation.

This blog is almost four years old (wow, time flies). When I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me to start a blog, I was resistant. I knew it would require exposure, authenticity. Ah! I was afraid. I did it, though, because my soul was stirring in ways it never had before, and I could not keep it in. I had to do what I felt the nudge to do. It was uncomfortable at first. I felt awkward, didn't know what to write...but let me just tell you. This dream of writing, this deep down passion to write, it comes from faithfully sharing on here for four years. The dream was tucked away inside of me, and God knew if I started writing, it would blossom.

He was right.

Faith required I take a risk, try something scary. Well, the same thing happened a couple weeks ago. I felt the "nudge" (aka the Holy Spirit) saying I should start video blogging. My first response? "Uh, no." I didn't like the idea. Being vulnerable, sharing my FACE on the computer....a whole new level of authenticity! I couldn't shake the nudge, though...and I remembered that when I obeyed the first time, God did more than I could have imagined.

So, I took the risk.

Funny, how the fear of taking the risk is always greater than the fear we feel when we actually take the risk.

I did it, and then, I let it settle for a day...

"I actually did it, Lord. I did that hard, awkward thing."

He responded. "Well done...now lets talk about all the possibilities..."

See, God already has it all mapped out. He isn't scrambling around, wondering what to do with our risk taking selves. He sings over us, dances over us...he is so delighted when we take those risks, because it means we trust him. It's like waving a flag at Heaven and saying,

"Hey, Jesus! I trust you! I'm doing this hard, crazy thing because I trust you!"

What scared me at first, became one of my greatest blessing. Writing has become a part of my God dream, and it is because of the risks I've taken that I even have that dream. So, I find myself in another place of transition. I hear him so clearly asking me to do this next thing that feels uncomfortable...but, this time, I'm not wondering if He is going to be with me.

I know He is with me.

You know what's so very wonderful? I know that God won't ask me to do something that I'm  not ready to do. He didn't whisper a year ago, or two years ago, or even three months ago that it was time to start video blogging. He knows my heart, knows exactly when I am ready to take that step, and he won't ask me to do anything he hasn't prepared in advance.

So, that means when he asks you to take a risk, you can bet your bottom dollar that He believes in you.

Absolutely believes in you.

You can do that "thing" friend. Whatever it is, you can do it. Yes, it's risky, scary even. Remember, though, if Jesus goes with you, then WHO could ever be against you? He said so many times, over and over. He said it to the disciples, to those passing by, those he healed, even those he rebuked.

"Don't be afraid. Trust in God."

You can take every single risk Jesus asks you to take, because he is with you. He is always with you, always for you, always wanting the best for you. So, go to it, friend. Take a risk!

I'm cheering for you, and Heaven is too!

Check out my video blog at the link below!

What's Your "Thing"?


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