The Sacred Womb Of A Mother

pregnant belly

Ladies, everything you are is sacred. History and even today's society, might say different...

but, sacred, you are.

The truth is you are a walking piece of God's heart. So much so, that he gave only you the ability to carry life in your belly. He chose you, set you apart, as his image bearer, not just to look like him, but to join him in the process of creation.

Giving birth was the most holy moment I have ever experienced in my life. The pain was overwhelming, and I remembered, in that moment, the weight of this imperfect world. I remembered, in that moment, that God did not intend life to come at a cost. I was humbled as I went through that process, seeing and feeling what it means for life and death to war with each other. The truth is, your womb is a sacred place, a place only God in his infinite love and mercy can fill.

The darkness likes to trample what is sacred. His first attack came against woman, because of the very thing she represents: the sanctity of life. Women have suffered, been trampled, been treated as objects and products to be used. I understand that and very much felt that way for many years.

The very thing that God gave me to set me apart, had become the thing I hated most about myself. 

Truth found me, though, and changed everything. Where I had once believed the sacred could never be returned to me, God in his grace showed me that I had never lost it. He never once stopped viewing me as sacred, as his partner in creation. He gently brought me close to his heart, where I discovered that my value, what makes me holy, can never be altered by the actions of humanity.

There is much debate about life, about what is sacred and what is not. If I can be gut honest? I understand the struggle. I know what it means to be a girl taken advantage of. I know what it means to carry the weight of that thievery in your soul. This is the enemy's tactic. He knows the womb of a woman is sacred. He cannot reproduce it, he cannot create life...

and it infuriates him.

The womb of a woman is a place of battle, a place of warfare between darkness and light. Nothing can bring more pain to a woman than the loss of a child she carries. Nothing can bring more pain to a woman than being told she cannot carry life inside her. Nothing can bring more pain to a woman than having the seed of life thrust into her without her permission.

This is where darkness makes the womb of woman. 

Some of you reading this have suffered this loss. You have had that budding little life pulled from your womb by the darkness warring, and you grieve. I don't know your pain. I don't pretend too. What I do know is the grace of Jesus. What I do know is that Jesus knows your struggle. He knows the war between life and death, in the same way we girls do. Hanging on that cross, he fought the same war we fight in our wombs. The same struggle to trample death, and let light be victorious.

Make no mistake, girls. Jesus understands your pain. 

Some of you feel that your womb is a dry and dead place because you have been told you cannot carry life. The very thing that makes you woman, seems to be missing. It is you Jesus holds close to his heart. He would say to you this very day, you are enough, you are a vessel of his redeeming grace, not incomplete, but holy and sacred. His plan for you is great. You will see his glory revealed in ways those who carry their own children cannot. He will knit your heart to the orphan, the lonely, the oppressed. Don't be dismayed, my friend. Jesus will not abandon you, he will crown you a mother of many.

I wonder, could we change the course of history by bringing Jesus to the broken, rather than picket signs? I wonder, if we took the faces of these broken souls in our hands, and spoke of how Jesus redeems, how his grace conquers...would it make a difference?

I never come to this table with all the answers. I only come with a meal to share, with the questions that are heavy on my heart. This argument over life, it really is not just a simple argument to be logically spelled out and calculated by broken people. It is a war being fought over what is sacred, and I'm determined to fight in it the only way I know how.

Be Jesus to the broken. 

His heart is for you, friend. Even if you took that step out of overwhelming fear, allowed the sacred to be taken from your womb...his heart is still for you. Maybe you find yourself this very day in the midst of this raging battle. You must choose, you have been told it is your right to choose. Well, I can't argue that you get to choose. I won't demand that you "choose life." Rather, I would invite you to Jesus' table. He has a chair for you, there, right beside him. He sees that life budding in you and he is not repulsed by it. He sees grace and beauty in it. His greatest joy is taking our deepest pain, and making it beautiful. He can be trusted.

You are sacred, my friend. You are the image of God, the creator. You are his partner in creation. Nothing done to you, taken from you, or not given to you changes this truth. Angels lean over the balcony of Heaven in hushed awe, watching you bring life from your own body. They sing over you as you continue to conquer fear, continue to fight this war for life that only we girls can fight.

What you are is a gift...

holy and sacred in the eyes of God. 




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