Worthy of the Impossible

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Today I'm celebrating. I reached a milestone, and I am sure that when I look back, today will be one of those "moments" on the tapestry of my life. I've been sort of absent from here, lately, because I've been leaning in and following hard after the voice of Jesus, writing the story he's given me.

Today, I finished.

Finished is a relative word. There is rewriting and editing to be done...but...I did it! You know that feeling, don't you? When you start something that looks so big and impossible and you doubt, question, wonder if you're crazy...when you actually finish that thing...it feels like charging through the tape at the finish line. YOU DID IT. You finished the race! That's how I feel today. What looked so scary and impossible before...I now hold in my hands. I hold it in my hands.

I hear that voice, the one that constantly draws me in...and the whisper is consistent...

"Noting is impossible...with me." 

My head knew it, and now my heart does too. I wonder, how many things do we shy away from because of the impossibility of them?

Oh, friends. Jesus is a mighty conqueror. He is a MIGHTY conqueror. There are no stipulations on his ability, no qualifying factor for the impossible to exist in his presence.

The impossible becomes possible, in his presence.

What I've learned in six months of writing this story is that the impossible only becomes possible when I lean in to his presence. See, everything with Jesus is about being together. This is the heart of a God who fiercely loves his kids. The closer I've come to him, the more the impossible melts away. There were moments in the journey of writing this book that I doubted...that I noticed the waves around me...

In those moments, I heard that whisper...

"Eyes on me, love."

That phrase, it reverberates off the walls of my heart, now, and always draws me back to the one thing that matters: being with him. I've done what seemed impossible to me, and you know what is the greatest gift in all of it?

I know him better.

Knowing him is really all that matters. Leaning in to his side, hearing his voice, feeling his arm around my shoulder, all of it has come from me pushing through the fear and the doubt to the place where there's only him and me...together.

Today, I celebrate. The journey is nowhere near over, and there will be many more moments to conquer...but today I celebrate a God of grace who sets no limitations on what is possible.

Be encouraged, friends. God anticipates the moments in your life when the impossible will be revealed as completely doable. When the doubt comes close and you notice the waves around you, lean in and listen for that whisper..

"Eyes on me, love."

He delights in you, and he deems you worthy of big things...

bigger than you think possible...


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