Warriors of Light

legs on street pic

We pull up to the 711, clearly a hub for the homeless, drug addicts and trafficking. I climb out of the car and whisper the name of Jesus because that's really all you can whisper when you find yourself in the midst of such brokenness. The crowd discovers we have sandwiches, so they gravitate towards us. I see the signs of drug addiction in many faces. I sit down on the curb next to a girl and ask her if there is anything I can pray for. She has a little girl, and she wants to get better so she can get her little girl back...

Sometimes it feels surreal, finding myself standing exactly where Jesus is...

I begin a prayer for her, speaking the life of Jesus over her. The wind starts to blow and the words that come out of me are a declaration of God's heart for her. I tell her that his love is like a mighty, rushing wind and when he comes in He blows away the past, the pain...that his love is just like the wind she feels blowing over her. She thanks me, and even smiles, something missing before we prayed.

We pray with others, tell them all that Jesus does love them and sent us to tell them, that he is pursing them, that he sees them, that he knows their name. My heart is burdened as we drive away. So much sorrow, so much captivity, so much darkness...but I hear a voice, the same voice that carried on the wind as I prayed for that lost girl, sitting on the curb. My spirit stirs and rises at the voice I hear...

"Revival is at hand."

It echos off the walls of my soul, and my heart catches fire with it. Revival is at hands, friends, and it is coming to these dark places. I am overwhelmed at what I see Jesus preparing. He doesn't forget his lost ones. No matter where they are, he doesn't forget them.  I don't know why he's chosen me to go to the unloved and unwanted, but it burns inside of me, and I cannot stay away.  I don't know why he's placed a mantle on me to stand before his people and speak words that stir them for what stirs him, but it burns inside of me and I cannot stay away.

Jesus burns inside of me and I cannot stay away.

The power and glory of God is coming to these dark places and I am in awe that He's positioned me to be a part of it. I was thinking on how much fear I used to be slave too and how I had none in that moment. I wish I could explain it to you but it's like I have this certainty in my soul, this complete certainty that I am where Jesus wants me and that He is my shield. If you know me at all, or have heard my story, then you know how paralyzed I was by fear. I don't know if I want to jump and shout or weep with gratitude for what Jesus has done. I walked the parking lot of a sketchy area, then stood on a corner surrounded by drug addicts and trafficked girls' sharing Jesus with them....and I felt NO fear.

My soul has caught the flame of Jesus and it burns away any fear that tries to ensnare me.

Jesus is at work, Church. He is stirring up His people. He promised us that if we would follow him, he would make us fishers of men. Every one of us has the power to influence the world around us. I can't go all the places you go, and you can't be where I am, but we both can set our eyes on Jesus and be warriors of light. Don't believe the lie that you have no power for influence.

There is more to you, than perhaps you think.

Don't be afraid, friend. Jesus is at work, His kingdom is at hand and He's calling each of us to the fight. Go fight, friend. In your corner of the world, start declaring truth, light, hope, life...go into the darkness around you and defeat it. If I, the once terrified and lost girl, can walk the most dangerous streets of my city and boldly speak Jesus to the lost, you can do exactly what He puts in your heart to do. Go, friend...

Go be the warrior Jesus says you are.




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