Man of Light


She lays there, on a battlefield, smoke and ash rising around her, even as the battle continues to rage. The sound of other's can be heard, cries of pain and fear coming from each as the terror assaults them. She wants to help them, go to them, but she cannot. She feels the strength seeping from the wounds she carries. Weakness overcomes her, she can't even lift her head from the dirt.

What hope is there for any of them?

She sees, in the distance, a frail soul being tormented, tossed about like dirt, by the darkest one. The tortured soul cries out in agony, while the dark one laughs in delight. She sees the hope being sucked from the soul, sees the life being drained through wounds the dark one inflicts.

She wants to help.

She tries to move, tries to reach for her sword...and the dark one turns her direction, seeing her movement. In an instant he begins moving towards her, a lust for death in his eyes. Terror fills her again, and she realizes this is most certainly her end, for she knows she is too weak to fight him.

She is too weak.

He gets closer, close enough that she can smell the putrid stench of rot and filth on him. All she can do is lay there, surrounded by the smoke and ash of the fight...

and wait to die.

Suddenly, she feels something behind her...a type of warmth. She turns her head towards it and is overwhelmed by brilliant bright it is filled with colors she has never even imagined. What is the source of the light? Closer...the light moves closer to her...and she cannot take her eyes from it, for it captivates her completely.

Then, she sees him.

It is him that the light radiates from, and the closer he gets, the brighter the light. She closes her eyes, for fear that her eyes will burn away at the intensity of it...and then realizes that closing her eyes only intensifies the feeling of light and warmth.

It's as if his light is seeping into every one of her wounds.

She hears the dark one moan in...pain? She turns her head towards him and sees him drop his sword, and fall to his knees as if something has him by the throat. She feels the presence of the carrier of light behind her, feels him moving close to her. The closer he comes to her, the further the dark one moves away. He begins to gasp for air, wheezing and writhing as if he can't breathe. He begs to be released, begs to be sent away.

Why does he ask permission?

The carrier of light, he says one word, only one word.


The dark one screeches at the command and crawls away, for he can't even stand in the presence of the man of light. The dark one who inflicted such terror and pain in everyone on this battlefield, he crawls away in agony and torment. She turns back towards the man, of light and chances a look up at him. He kneels down beside her and gently strokes her head. His touch feels like fire but doesn't cause her pain.

"W-who are you?" she asks in a frail whisper, looking into eyes the color of sapphire set ablaze.

"I am light." he responds, gently.

He scoops her up and holds her close, then proceeds to walk through the battlefield. With every step, she feels wounds healing, strength returning to her bones. She lays her head against his shoulder and dares to look up into his face, again. He smiles at her and her entire being is flooded with warmth.

"W-why did you come?" She asks, weak from battle and a little uncertain of him.

He stops and looks into her eyes. "Because you needed me."

It's a simple answer - less than she expects - but it breaks something open deep inside of her - a long closed up well - and tears begin to drip down her face.

"H-how did you know to come?" she asks through her tears.

"I always know," he says, a tenderness in his voice that she has never heard in another.

She notices other dark figures slinking back, away from the wounded. They shriek and cry as the light flows like a river towards them. They are terrified of the light, unable to even look at it.

Suddenly the wounded start to stir as his light touches them and flows over them. The blood dries on their wounds, they sit up, they stumble to their feet, they look around as if seeing for the first time. She watches in amazement as the light flowing from this man touches each one. It's as if the light that touches them is breath, flesh, if it is life itself.

He stops for each one, smiles at them and says just one word....


Every single one follows. They can't help but to follow because they want his light, they want to stay as close to it as possible. He never puts her on the ground, either. He carries her, as he moves across the battlefield. She glances behind him and realizes the number of followers has grown to a sea of battle weary ones...drenched in light.

"How did you do that?" She whispers, looking up into his eyes.

"I am light..." he says again, with a smile.

She isn't exactly sure of who this man of light is, but she knows what she feels and what she sees. She knows he came to her rescue, that he helped her without question...that he helped everyone on the battlefield, without question. She feels no fear in his presence only this deep sense of peace - a peace she has never known. She nestles down into his chest and closes her eyes as that peace settles over her like a blanket.  He tightens his arms around her and speaks words she has never heard before in her life...

"Welcome home, beloved. Welcome home."

A tear trails her cheek as she drifts off into a place of rest and she breathes the word out softly with a smile...





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