The Great Miner


There are a few words that manage to slip past my throat, daily. I don't know when they became important words for me but somewhere along the way, they did. I will tell you the truth. Some days they roll off my tongue with passion and purpose. Other days I say them through dry, cracked lips, thirsty for a drink but hesitant to take the cup. Simple words, but deep and wide words, too.

Purify my heart, Jesus.

Anybody knows that anything purified has been through a fire. The diamond, the gold ring, it all must face the heat of the flame to become the beauty we behold.

Our lives are no different.

Hidden in the dark caverns of our hearts are precious jewels, These precious pieces can only be found when the flame is brought close and the impurity burned away.

Jesus is the great miner.

He mines in the deep, dark places of our hearts. He knows where the gold is hidden away, the precious jewels. He risks his all to go into those narrow corridors where light is dim and oxygen faint.

Sometimes, the purifying comes whether we ask for it or not. I've been there, before. Pain has come and I've been forced to face the heat of the flame. The gold that has come out of those seasons has been the reward I wasn't seeking. This time, though, I am seeking out the fire, willingly submitting my heart to it.

I'm asking Jesus to lead me to the fire so I can be made pure.  

We've passed through the caverns He worked on alone, when I was too weak to see what he was doing. I see the places where he found gold. I see the places where he worked hard to expose purity in me...but it's different now. Now, I'm standing beside him, willingly chiseling away at my own heart, listening to him tell me stories of truth as we work, not afraid of the ash or soot that covers us both, or the dark that wants to smother me. I'm pointing out the places that need his touch and asking him to do his work.

"Purify my heart, Jesus." 

The journey in recent months has been surprising and even unwanted at times. There has been much surrender, much letting go. Right there in the middle of the dark caverns of my heart, I've stood with my Savior and felt the tears trail through the ash and soot on my face, wondering if I really have what it takes. Yet, even in my uncertainty, I've found only one response that brings me peace. With shoulders bent and head lowered, I've said it again and again...

"Purify my heart, Jesus."

And so he does, and I am there right beside him to see what is uncovered. We discover my need to know, to have the plan mapped out before I take the step. He whispers truth:

"Be childlike. Enjoy the journey. Trust my heart for you."

We discover still, areas where man's opinion has outweighed his voice. That one surprises me. I thought we had uncovered all those lies...

"Will I ever be free of that burden, Lord?"

The same lies. The same fears. He is gentle in his answer, even as he works, he is gentle...

 "Listen for my voice..."

We discover my hesitancy to be vulnerable, the overwhelming temptation to hide. He purifies with whispered truth:

"You're brave. Be honest, speak the truth." 

There are days I want to avoid the whole process. There are days I dream up easier choices, less painful processes, but I always come back to the truth...

Jesus is the great miner of my soul and He purifies to make me free. 

So that whispered prayer leaves my lips, whether I am feeling bold or brittle because the one who mines for gold, who purifies and refines has won my heart. I cannot help but surrender to his ways, his leading, his heart for me. Come what may, he can be trusted. Of that I am certain.

So I pray it, and I mean it....

Purify my heart, Jesus.  

In every season, in every way...

purify my heart.






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