Everything In Its Time

The tree begins the new year barren, stripped of fruit and leaves. Naked, exposed, it stands against the forces of winter rain and blankets of snow. Alone in the midst of the storm, there are no signs of life, for all is cold and quiet.

The gray winter months are a reminder that days of darkness will come, for sudden and swift is the cold wind of death.

Though lonely, the timber stands strong, refusing to break against the frozen rains pushy demands. Roots go deep into the soil - to deep for the icy clutch of winter to freeze. And the towering guard of the forest knows the secret that all of creation has run from in this cold, dark season...

winter cannot last forever.

So, the tree quietly endures, while silence envelopes the world around.

Then, in a turn of events that changes the atmosphere, the silence of winter is broken with the softest trickling of thawing rain. Could it be that the towering wood has endured yet another winter and now receives the promise of spring? Indeed, it has.

For winter cannot  last forever.

The wind becomes a breeze, the blanket of white a nourishing drink for the melting earth. The tree takes in the warmth, the hints of life seeping through its veins. Once again it breaths deep, uncurling branches outward to receive the sun.

Spring reminds us that new life can only come from the depths of cold, hard winters. 

The sapling is budding now, leaves of green are forcing themselves from the roots within. No longer does it stand alone, vacant of life. for the hum of life is teeming all around. A new melody is composed, a beautiful song.

Then, limbs become heavy with the budding of spring. When branches are laden with green, and sap seeps from its pores the timber finds the long days of warmth and sunshine known only to summer.  Standing sure, the tree offers shade to all who pass under those low hanging limbs, giving its fragrance to any who will partake.

Summer reminds us that the beautiful, budding life of spring is meant to be enjoyed and shared when the days are long and the sun is warm.

Suddenly, the air turns crisp, and where once the leaves were green, they begin fading into gold and mahogany only a master's brush could paint. The tree knows the vibrant colors of this season will fade to dark and dust the earth below, but the tree never wavers, certain of its place in the forest.

Autumn reminds us that even in the stripping away and the letting go, there is an immense beauty to behold. 

And yet again, winter finds the tree, stripping it bare, freezing its bark. Life seems to hide away, sheltered from the cold.

But the tree doesn't mind...

because the tree knows a secret that all creation runs from...

winter cannot last forever. 



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