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Welcome to my first ever #whatcanido post! I am just so excited about this little seed of an idea Jesus gave me. Often, the biggest road block to being on mission in our community is knowledge. In the past two years I've been on quite the journey in my own city. I've discovered just how many people there are doing good work! These are the hero's of our cities who quietly and faithfully do the work of Jesus. It's not easy, what they do, but it is good and right.

Awareness is step one if we want to bring change in any arena of life. Second is choosing to move forward with the knowledge we have. Every week I will feature a different organization (some local, some national) and give you the practical steps you can take to be a part of what is happening in this world. I encourage you to explore and find the thing that sparks your passion. That thing is what God is nudging you to do!

This week, I am featuring an organization that is so close to my own heart:

The Fountain of Hope

This is a non-profit, Christ centered organization that reaches out to women being trafficked in downtown Phoenix. It is perhaps shocking to think that this can happen just down the road from our homes, but I have seen firsthand the reality of it.

Susan Stacey is the founder of this organization and her faithful service to these girls has been beautiful to watch. Every Saturday, she and her volunteers provide a hot breakfast in the center. Then, volunteers go out on the streets and invite women to a free breakfast! Sometimes, the girls get in the car and go back to the Fountain with the volunteers, other times they come on their own. Breakfast and a safe place to rest is what draws them to the Fountain. Sometimes, they stay long enough to take a nap!

We have guided some women to safe houses and rehab centers because they come to breakfast. Other times we have led women straight to Jesus, and they have accepted his grace to walk with them in life.

Truly, there is nothing like the experience of loving these women with dignity and respect. It has changed me, deeply.

If you are interested in supporting this ministry here are the current needs:

Monetary - there is always a need for funds. If you are able to donate financially, there is a link on the website listed below.

Hygiene - the goal is to give every woman who comes into the center a hygiene pack to go. These packs include travel size toothpastes, toothbrushes, women's personal products and lotions.

Shoes - often the women come in with nothing but a pair of ripped up flip flops. New or gently used shoes are always appreciated, as the women do need them!

Coloring books - We all know how therapeutic coloring is! Susan has recently been given a stack of adult coloring pages, and she found that giving the women a page to color during breakfast has brought an added sense of peace to them for the time they are in the center. Small, pocket/purse size adult coloring books are a beautiful way to show these girls they are loved! Also, travel packs of colored pencils are appreciated. (full size of these things would not be practical as the girls are often living out of book bags and have things easily stolen)

Volunteers - Susan is always in need of volunteers for breakfast! This is a women only volunteer group and if you are interested, you can reach out through the contact info provided on the website. It is truly life changing to be among these brokenhearted women and watch how Jesus loves them.

If you want more information on how you can be a part of this organization, please visit the website at:

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!



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