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Awareness is step one if we want to bring change in any arena of life. Second is choosing to move forward with the knowledge we have. Here I will feature different organizations (some local, some national) and give you the practical steps you can take to be a part of what is happening in this world. I encourage you to explore and find the thing that sparks your passion. That thing is what God is nudging you to do!

This weeks feature: Mercies New 

This organization brings awareness to communities about trafficking as well as reaches out to women trapped in brothels. I have volunteered with this ministry in the past and have seen first hand the powerful work being done by Mercies New. Weekly, this group of women meet together and pray over victims of trafficking, traffickers, and those fighting the fight to abolish slavery. Monthly, those same ladies (and the men who drive for them!) go to  brothels, disguised as massage parlors, in the Glendale and Sun City areas, and give a gift bag to whomever they encounter. The gift bag is filled with homemade cookies, notes about the love of Jesus and a card with the number to the National Human Trafficking phone number. They offer to pray for them, and if the situation permits, they will speak words of life over them, right there in the middle of the brothel. This team has also built a relationship with local law enforcement and aids them in their fight against trafficking.

This ministry was what opened my eyes to the evil at work in my own backyard. These brothels are often disguised as other types of business, and so many of us drive by them daily, unaware of the darkness at work. Like many of you might be, I was stunned to discover brothel's still exist in 2017 in America. They're illegal, right? Yes, they are, but when has that ever stopped evil from plotting?

These ladies also have a passion to bring awareness to communities through education designed to prevent others from falling victims to this crime. They are available for speaking engagements where they will share about practical ways for individuals to partner in the fight against trafficking. You can also schedule a Van Tour in which one of their founders will take you and your friends on a tour of the areas where they minister in the Phoenix valley.

The work these women (and the men who drive for their local outreach) do is powerful in combating this injustice. They are proof that everyone can do something in the fight!

If you are interested in serving this organization, here are a few of the ways you can help:

Pray: Pray that victims of trafficking would encounter the love of Jesus and be set free. Pray also for the volunteers who serve these victims, that God's hand would guide them as they seek to share His hope with the hurting.

Monetary: It takes funds to put together gift bags for holiday's, to bake and package cookies, to give van tours, and to travel to the various communities to bring awareness. Financial donations are always appreciated. 

Donations: Do you love to bake? Mercies New loves to receive individually wrapped, fresh baked cookies to take to women in brothels. Small jewelry and toiletries are also needed for special Christmas gift bags as well as other holiday bags.

Vounteer: Give of your time by joining the weekly prayer meetings, the monthly outreaches, inviting them to your event to share about trafficking, or schedule a van tour!

To connect with Mercies New and receive more information visit them on Facebook at:

Or contact Kerry Ploeser at 602-614-5352.


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