Seasons of Collection

I have an eight year old who loves to collect things. She collects books, stickers and shiny rocks. I never know what is going to catch her eye and become one of her new collections. It occurred to me this morning that I am in a season of collecting right now....

I’m collecting truth.

All the scattered pieces have been brought close in the past eight years, and now I’m observing, interpreting and applying the truth in my daily life. I'm sharing it with others, too, which is the intention of truth. 

I’m collecting ideas.

I feel like the Holy Spirit gives me a new idea everyday to write down and dream about. I’m learning how to think bigger than myself and to expect God to come through. He does the impossible, after all. Most of those ideas are not for right now, but I know they will His time. 

I’m collecting endurance.

This is a race I’m running and it gets a little more intense with the passing days. It's not a "busy" kind of intense but a "doing the things of Jesus" kind of intense. I’m learning how to manage my time, say yes and no, evaluate everything I do and determine if it is of kingdom value, or just me trying to soothe my fragile ego. This collection is purifying my heart, which I ask Jesus to do on a daily basis. I never want to be promoted to a place that my character and heart cannot withstand. 

I'm collecting stories.

Jesus is so good to me. He's surrounding me with opportunities to hear stories from other women who have been broken by life. Where I have known there were others like me, He has put them right in front of me. I've had to sit and listen, to lean in and really see them and hear their heart cries. It's changing me in deep, holy ways.

I'm collecting memories.

I'm choosing to see and live in the present, and in doing so, I'm actually aware of the moments that will become memories forever. I've realized that I can't collect memories if I'm always thinking about what's next. I'd rather live right here, find joy right here, and let God handle what's next.

My little one's sticker collection is now finding it's way to her wall by her bed. She came looking for me one day, wanting to show me what she had done. My first thought was that all those stickers would ruin the paint...but then I caught myself. Collections are meant to be enjoyed. Those stickers represent my little love's heart of joy for the little things and they are beautiful. So, I let her stick them all over her wall, so she can see them at night when she lays down to go to sleep.

All the things I'm collecting in this season are going to be shared in such beautiful ways, when the time is right. Jesus knows when that time is, and when it's time it will all bring so much joy.

What about you, friend? What are you collecting in this season?

Sometimes we choose to collect things not meant for us to keep. Sorrow is meant to be walked through, but not collected. God says He collects our tears, so we don't have to. We can release all that grief, when the season ends, and know that it's tucked safely in His hands.

We are meant to collect good things that bring joy. Sometimes the season is one of collecting baby giggles. Sometimes it's coffee dates with a friend who needs encouragement...or maybe you are the one collecting encouragement. Sometimes it's moments with loved ones who are reaching the end of their journey.

We are all collecting...

the question is what are we collecting, and what are we going to do with it?


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